Holding boundaries, creating safety and listening deeply into lived experience of employees to inform organisational transformation.

Typically we are asked to facilitate listening spaces for employees.

You may have poor staff survey results, disappointing performance in well-being indicators or concerns expressed by particular demographics within your workforce. Whilst we work across all protected characteristics, we have a particular expertise in facilitating spaces and affinity groups in relation to race and ethnicity.

Your wish for facilitation may be more proactive as part of a process of transformation. Contact us here.

We believe that change can be facilitated best when individuals and teams feel safe and supported in the change processes.

We co-create a safe space ensuring that participants understand and appreciate the function of group safety agreements.

We believe in key human rights principles of dignity, respect, fairness and equality and I seek to ensure all work is embedded in these principles and fosters an understanding of what these principles mean in practice.

Our approach is based on a commitment to promoting understanding before action – and that includes understanding the complexity of team and organisational processes, and the importance of intersectionality and understanding differences in people’s experiences of privilege and disadvantage.

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