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Hári Sewell on the George Floyd Killing and the aftermath

On 25th May 2020 George Floyd, an unarmed African American man died after being arrested by police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  An officer kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes whilst being filmed and ignored Mr Floyd’s pleas and the begging of citizens observing and gathering evidence on their smart phones. In this blog Hári Sewell seeks to promote some deeper thinking and calls for invidual and collective action.

Author: Hári Sewell | Posted Tuesday June 2 2020 | 0 comments.

Protecting equality in a time of crisis

Crises such as the global coronavirus pandemic provide opportunities for leading equality in a positive and proactive way.  This blog by Hári Sewell and Karen Linde offers some pointers that leaders may wish to take on board.

Author: Hári Sewell and Dr Karen Linde | Posted Thursday April 16 2020 | 0 comments.

A White Man's Insights on White Privilege

A conversation on social media emerged from a question posted by Hári Sewell: "Are you saying then that you believe that #BlackLivesMatter is racist?". The conversation flowed with a white woman explaining that the reverse would be labelled as racist (i.e. #WhiteLivesMatter) and she went on to explain that the inequalities she faces on the basis of her RACE are equally as bad.  Macca, identifying himself as White offered some insights into White Pivilege.  It is reproduced here to give it a wider audience and hopefully generate further informed debate. 

Author: Macca & Hári Sewell | Posted Monday November 13 2017 | 0 comments.

What Miles David Taught Us About Course Design

Miles Davis was and us known for his use of space in composing and improvising.  There is often a tempation to pack conferences and training courses with input however the evidence suggests that time for reflection and practice is critical to embedding learning.  The HS Consultancy Training Course Prospectus can be found here.

Author: Hári Sewell | Posted Tuesday August 1 2017 | 0 comments.

Why I started the Men Against Rape campaign

Most people readily agree that rape committed by a stranger is a terrifying and traumatising experience.  There is sometimes less clarity and strength of feeling about what is the most common rape bay far, when the rapist is known to the person.  The Men Against Rape campaign was started to tie in with International Women’s Day and focuses on men perpetrators against women though of course all rape needs to be tackled. 

Author: Hári Sewell | Posted Monday May 9 2016 | 0 comments.

Unconscious Bias

The concept of unconscious bias has been given a new found privilege in terms of the paradigms used for scrutinising unfairness and inequalities. This blog explores the implications of this new attention being given to unconscious bias. 

Author: Hári Sewell | Posted Thursday November 13 2014 | 0 comments.

BME Mental Health Improvement: Have we given up trying?

Applications for the Positive Practice in Mental Health Awards were lowest for the category for Evidence of Improvement in Black and Minority Mental Health.  Considering that one category received 45 applications and the the next lowest category was 12, the figure of 6 for the BME category tells its own story.

Author: Hári Sewell | Posted Thursday July 3 2014 | 0 comments.

Sharp Increase in Suicides in UK

A blog by Hári Sewell on suicide data released by the the Office for National Statistics today which hows an increase in suicides by 437 in the last year. We need to reflect on what this means and take action.  All of us.

Author: Hári Sewell | Posted Tuesday January 22 2013 | 0 comments.

Sensationalist reporting, institutional racism and the NHS

An exploration of issues to be considered when raising issues of institutional racism, given that it is a term that invariably causes resistance to change rather than promoing progress.

Author: Hári Sewell | Posted Saturday November 10 2012 | 0 comments.

Serbian u21s, Racism and What's Beneath the Surface in the UK

Race and racism make headline news again and social media sites and national print and broadcast media demonstrate that there are mixed views about the response to be made and the merits of focusing on difference.  

Author: Hári Sewell | Posted Wednesday October 17 2012 | 0 comments.

Equality and the Department of Health Consultation on Red Tape

The Government has published a consultation on cutting bureacracy in the NHS by reducing by 25% the number of data returns to be made.  The attendant document, the Assessment of Impact on Equality suggests that there is no positive or detrimental impact on equality. 

Author: Hári Sewell | Posted Friday September 2 2011 | 0 comments.