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Who are we?

HS Consultancy is a firm of Core-associates and Affiliated-associates, each with a strong national reputation for critical thinking and delivery of improvements in mental health services.  HS Consultancy has excellent networks nationally , drawing on experience at all levels from central government to front line practice.

Our Goal

To achieve improved effectiveness of specialist and non-specialist services in contributing to the enhancement of mental health for all people, and the reduction of inequality for those from groups with ‘protected characteristics’ as defined within the Equality Act 2010. 

Our Mission

To  work in partnership with organisations that are responsible for mental health and social care to help them make progress toward clear goals for social justice and equality, ultimately for the benefit of their current and future service users.

HS Consultancy Values and Approach

Service user influence and benefit is central – we will always seek to establish a clear relationship between what we do and benefits for service users. 


Equality and social justice – we believe that inequality will be tackled only through purposeful action to remove barriers to fairness. Our organisation commits to being an exemplar for equality and social justice


Integrity – we will be honest and fair in all external and internal dealings


Good stewardship of public resources – we believe that as an independent company we too must show good stewardship of funds we receive through commissions


HS Consultancy is the trading name for Hári Sewell Consultancy Ltd, a company formed in December 2009 (registration no 7111862).  The company includes core-associates and affiliated associates. The team of core associates have worked together since 2005 and have operated as a unit under a different organisational structure within the public sector since September 2009.


The  founder of the company has provided consultancy services to the public and third sectors since 2008.  Clients include the Department of Health, the National Mental Health Development Unit, Rampton High Security Hospital, MARES (mental health charity), Royal College of Psychiatrists, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust,.  Pro bono marketing advice and support has been provided to Jonzi-D Productions (a theatre company with a target of marginalised young people).


The operating model of the company is to reduce risk by outsourcing most functions and retaining a single employee, with the core associates operating as the management board

Recent Clients & Projects

CCG Board Training on equalities

Centre for Citizenship and Community - Evaluation of the financial benefit of investment in prevention in adult social care

South Essex Partnership Foundation Trust - Revew of mental health care of older people day hospitals

South Essex Partnership Foundation Trust -  Review of Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment Teams

National Mental Health Independent Sector Provider - Staff engagement project (Racism review)

Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust - Racism review based of 127 staff interviews

Primary Care Mental Health and Education - Facilitation of leadershp event

East London NHS - Delivered products as part of whole system review of mental health: service specification for primary care mental heath liason service / outcome metrics / single point of entry 

Mind - Evaluation of Young African Caribbean Males multi-site programme

Time To Change - Research and Position Statement on engaging BME people

Department of Health - National research on making progress on race equality 

National Mental Health Development Unit - Various projects

Rampton High Security Hospital - Training on equalities

Royal College of Psychiatrists 

MARES (mental health charity) - business planning

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust - inpatient ward staff development group

Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust - mentoring

Training for AMHPs on race, ethnicity and culture

Training on personalisation, mental health and equalities




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